The duration of my classes will be an hour long with a additional ten minutes at the end for the relaxation and meditation which will help give you a restful evening after my class. This in-turn will give you your complete hour Pilate workout.

The cost for the 70 minute class will be €6.00 which is not a pay as you go class and will be need to be booked and paid in blocks of 4 weeks at a time. This will give us the opportunity to grow and progress as a group and get results. Hence not like a pay as you go class for all levels.

My aim as a group is to take you on a journey through mind and body awareness complementing your body as a whole, and to change your approach to fitness where you will see results that will become apparent very soon.

There is also a class for the over 65’s and ladies with conditions that will need to be addressed. This special class will concentrate more on stretching and balancing with a little core work. This class will need a health medical release form to be completed and in some cases agreed by your doctor. This class is also acceptable for pregnant ladies up to their second trimester.

I am not running any classes at the moment until further notice



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