Nutrition and Fitness has always been my passion in life for as long as I can remember. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to get the best out of being a woman. Alongside my fitness regime I studied nutrition; in addition to this I became aware of how many people have converted over to become a vegetarian or vegan not always by choice but also by ill health. I then went on to study the vegan and vegetarian side of nutrition.

Since becoming a fully qualified nutritionist in 2002 I have run my own practice for the past 12 years offering people help with weight loss/obesity, food allergies, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol management, cancer and many other conditions relating to diet and health. As well as running my practice I had a strong connection to woman’s health, holding well woman workshops on diet and health.

Additional to this, I then went on to study Weight Management and Nutrition. I am a fully qualified insured practicing weight management consultant.

In 2002 I became  an Honorable member to PCASO (Prostate Association) lecturing and advising members on the right diet for prostate conditions and some with prostate cancer. To raise money and awareness I then went on to participating in running races and eventually  marathons. this was the turning point for me the start of my running  regime, and I have never looked back!! It was at this time that I decided that I would like to offer my clients that much more.

Knowing the benefits of Nutrition, Exercise, and the impact that it has had on my life and can have on everybody’s lives made me decide that I would like to research and take this much further.  I then went on to study Personal Training and Sports Nutrition.

With my line of professionalism I see many clients who have health related conditions that they have to live with. This population of clients are on the increase and need that extra bit if care, time and knowledge to be able to help them.

These particular clients will need exercise to help improve their lives and conditions. I then decided to further my Personal Training Knowledge and went on to study the Clinical side of Personal Training

I have been highly rewarded through my efforts and would like to share my wisdom, skills and knowledge to help others do the same.